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Spa Tub cover & Pump covers

The Spa Hard Covers are manufactured from 70mm Styrene and cladded with either Vinyl or PVC Canvas. Vinyl is suited for in-door use. PVC Canvas is more hardier and is better suited for out-door use than Vinyl. The Styrene is covered with plastic, preventing it becoming waterlogged. The bottom is also covered with Vinyl or PVC Canvas preventing the chemicals attacking the styrene. The most heat loss occur due to radiation from the top of the spa and the cover is a cost saver, also keeping dust out of the spa.
NOTE: The cover is not a safety feature and will break if a child or animal climbs on it.

Vinyl hard cover

Vinyl Spa cover
Vinyl Hard cover

PVC Canvas cover

PVC Canvas cover
PVC Canvas cover

Rock finish - plastic

pump box

Rock pump box
Rock pump Box
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