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Since Paradise Spa was established during 1996 the company has grown to one of the major roll players in the Spa bath market, supplying both domestic as well as the export markets.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence in manufacturing and customer service has always been our foremost aid. From purchase to installation and the servicing of your Spa, we are at you service.

Our Spa tubs are manufactured from the finest materials. The Spa tubs are vacuum formed from sanitary ware grade acrylic  and hand laminated to ensure an even reinforcement.

About Paradise Spa

Spas for sale- Unbeatable prices

Includes the following free items:

  • Free step with every portable frame

  • Free Heater Protection Switch with all Spas (see description below)

Spa specials
SPA SPECIALS: Runs from a house-plug and is ready to use

Spas and Spa hard covers are sold at wholesale prices direct to the public , cutting out the middleman. We also cater for property developers, building contractors and renovators in the exclusive, upper end, multi-unit and other development markets. The main distribution area is centered in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria



The Spa manufacturing  plant and showroom is situated in Meyerton (approximately 35km south of Johannesburg). - Paradise Spa - 9 Van Der Bijl Street, Meyerton, Gauteng, South Africa.



Electronic Spa Control Systems (Designed by - and is unique to Paradise Spa)

  • Analogue Spa Controller

Analogue Spa Controller

Main feature is that it provides for an Automatic Spa Control Mode.

When the water temperature is below the SET (desired) temperature, both the filtration pump and the heater will automatically switch on. When the desired temperature is reached, both the filtration pump and the heater will be switched off. A green LED will indicate when the Controller is in "Auto" mode. An override button will switch the Filtration pump on. The heater will still regulate the water in the background depending on the SET temperature. The Analogue Spa Controller can use either the Manual Thermostat or the Digital Thermostat. It also incorporates the Heater Protection Unit.

  • Heater Protection Switch

Have peace of mind. All our Spa pump units are fitted with an Electronic Heater Protection Switch. After draining and cleaning of the spa, the user might not prime the pump unit properly, or it might happen that a leak springs while you are away, causing the heater element to run dry. Without any water there will be no coolant and the heater's temperature will rise. Excessive heat will damage the thermostat and it could malfunction. The cause would be a meltdown and a possible fire.  This unit will turn the heater element off when a lack of water is detected. To further protect the thermostat a 30amp relay on the protection switch removes the load from it.

Thermostat / Thermometer


The digital thermostat / thermometer comes standard with all Spas supplied. It is very accurate and will display the water temperature in increments of a tenth of a degree. Temperature can easily be regulated by setting the lower and upper (desired) limits. This module can be used with the Heater Protection Switch as well as the Analogue Controller to regulate the water temperature. 

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